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About Us

Azixe was launched as an independant, free to use online uk art and poster shopping guide and product directory, specific for uk online shops & stores in the UK, although the retailers we use will also ship internationally.

Azixe was developed to provide a modern, free to use, consumer focused online uk art and poster shopping guide of secure uk shops and product stores in one location.

What makes Azixe so different?. Well, although there are lots of uk shopping directories available, many uk shopping directories can be difficult to navigate or the listings are out of date, or come from not secure safe sources, have popups and spamming adverts and are generally, poorly made. Price comparison websites also have their problems with many companies not participating, with one example being the insurance company Direct Line, who refuse to take part in such schemes, making the results incomplete. Azixe hopes we have solved these issues by providing one unique central location for products for online uk shopping websites.

Having built a successful uk shopping network, with thousands of visitors, the site later developed to recently include shopper reviews and comments. This allows users to post reviews and comments about their shopping experiences, if you own or know of any of the art included on Azixe, please offer your review.

Since its inception the Azixe website has remained independant and has no connection to any listed store. All editors and listings are unbias and independant. We are always working on new features all of which are designed to benefit all our users. Thank you to all our users, visitors and retailers for making the site what it is today.


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